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Class options

We offer many different classes suited for all your firearms training needs.

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Training Calendar

American Freedom Defense offers many of its classes throughout the year.

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Continual Training

For those who have taken our Handgun 1 class, we offer continual training.

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Course Information

Our training classes provide you the opportunity to learn how to safely react to threats with the necessary force. The tiered learning schedule will provide you with the training you need in order to assess a situation and proactively react.

We want you to have the necessary skills and confidence that will allow you to protect what’s yours.

American Freedom Defense classes are offered throughout the year, weather permitting.  Our private facility includes a classroom area and an outdoor range.

You are welcome to put together a group of at least 10 people (qualified for the same level), and request a private class on an agreed upon date.  If you wish for a more personalized and smaller class, you can have your own group class for the advertised set prices.  For those with busy schedules, you can  split an 8 hour class into two or more evenings within a week.   Just go to our firearms page for more information.

Classes are conducted from 8am to 5pm with an hour lunch break.  A hot lunch in included in all classes at no charge.

Our tiered levels require you to demonstrate your acquired skills and qualify to advance to the next level.  This is required to ensure safety and that our next level will be able to continue to advance.

 Equipment Needed for Classes: Unless you are renting a weapon, you are required to provide one for training.  In addition, you are required to bring hearing and eye protection, closed toed shoes, and a holster that fits securely on your waistband. A belt for your holster is highly recommended.  For the handgun classes, 250 rounds of ammunition are needed.


Beginner Basic Handgun Safety : no prerequisite($50)

This handgun class will cover all the gun basics needed to develop a strong foundation to begin shooting and the skills necessary to continue on to more advanced weapon training. Some of the topics covered in this class are:

Weapon nomenclature (parts of the weapon) safety, loading and unloading your weapon, basic weapon handling, basic live fire with targets

You will have the opportunity to fire simunition weapons (simulated ammo) indoors before shooing live ammunition. 4 hours of this course will be in doors with one hour outside on the shooting range.


Personal Defense shooting and weapons clinic : no prerequisite($50)

This personal defense course is designed for intermediate to advanced handgun shooters. Little time will be spent on basic fundamentals and weapon handling. Students should have a basic understanding of safe weapon handling before attending this class. Some of the subjects covered in this class are:

Close quarters battle techniques including draw, reloads, weapon retention, movement shooting, fighting multiple assailants, mental conditioning and how to dominate and win a close quarters gun battle.

Much of this course will be held indoors with 1.5 hours outside on the range.


Handgun 1 Class: no prerequisite($100)

In Handgun 1, we cover:

  • safety, including the 4 basic safety rules
  • Marksmanship
  • Pistol manipulation/handling, reloads
  • pistol fighting/close quarters combat
  • Basic malfunctions
  • Mental conditioning,
  • Use of force/liability

Taking Handgun 1 gives you the necessary training for an Idaho enhanced concealed carry permit, as well as an Oregon concealed carry permit. Upon your completion of the class, you will be given all necessary paperwork to receive your enhanced concealed weapons permit through the state of Idaho. 

During the range portion, you must qualify with an 85% score on the Handgun 1 qualification course to advance to  level 2.


Handgun 2 Class: must have 85% or higher from level 1 class OR have passed Handgun 2 evaluation($125)

Handgun 2 covers:

  • Level 2 mental conditioning
  • Review of marksmanship/pistol manipulation
  • Safety and liability
  • Clearing malfunctions
  • Speed reloads
  • 1 handed shooting/shooting positions
  • Multiple targets/reaction drills.

During the range portion, you must qualify with an 85% score on the Handgun 2 qualification course to advance to  level 3.


Handgun 3 Class: must have 85% or higher from level 2 class($150)

In Handgun 3,  we will cover:

  • Handgun 1 & 2 review
  • Level 3 mental conditioning
  • Advanced malfunction drills
  • Room movement/clearing
  • Team movement
  • Shooting angles
  • Controlling combat environments in public
  • turning to address targets
  • Off-handed shooting
  • moving & shooting
  • Intro to awkward shooting positions
  • Wound channels/target areas

During the range portion, you must qualify with an 85% score on the Handgun 3 qualification course to advance to  level 4.


Handgun 4 Class: must have 85% or higher from level 3 class($175)

Handgun 4 will cover:

  • Review of all prior classes
  • Level 4 mental conditioning
  • Dynamic & covert room clearing
  • Tactical movement
  • Controlling multiple threats
  • Victims and crowds
  •  Awkward shooting positions -around barricades, through windows, using vehicles
  • Seated shooting
  • Advanced offhand shooting
  • Advanced moving & shooting
  • Intro to quad shooting
  • Intro to realistic shooting scenarios

During the range portion, you must qualify with an 85% score on the Handgun 4 qualifications course to advance to level 5


Handgun 5: must have 85% or higher from level 4 class($200)

In Handgun 5, will will cover:

  • Review of prior classes
  • Room movement review
  • Advanced room clearing
  • Realistic force-on-force scenarios (simunition equipment)
  •  Quad shooting (standing & seated)
  • movement shooting/team movement shooting
  • Creating multiple wound channels with multiple threats.

There is no qualification in Handgun 5.


AFD Carbine Classes

Our Carbine courses are designed to help your learn how to run your carbine with confidence and use it to defend yourself and your family. Our carbine courses not only teach you how to use your carbine effectively, but also how to use it alongside a pistol. Although most people use an AR platform rifle for this class, we allow many other rifle platforms, including AK-style rifles, SKS carbines, and bullpup rifles.


Carbine 1: must have 85% or higher from Handgun 1 class OR passed Handgun 1 Evaluation($100)

Carbine 1 covers:

  • Basic operation of your carbine
  • When to use a carbine
  • Using a carbine alongside a pistol
  • Mental Conditioning
  • Speed Reloads
  • Carbine safety
  • Close quarters combat with carbines

Carbine 2: must have 85% or higher from Carbine 1 qualification($125)

In Carbine 2, we build upon the skills you learned in Carbine 1 and add in more advanced skills. This class will include:

  • Review of Carbine 1 skills
  • Clearing malfunctions
  • Barricade shooting
  • Shooting positions with a carbine
  • Moving & shooting
  • Quad shooting

Carbine 3:must have 85% or higher from Carbine 2 qualification($150)

In Carbine 3, we teach you advanced skills for confidently running your carbine in a variety of environments and scenarios. In our most advanced carbine class, we cover:

  • Realistic & practical force-on-force scenarios with simunition equipment
  • Carbine weapon retention
  • Competitive marksmanship  & close quarters combat drills
  • Hallway clearing in shoothouse



Please email or call us for more information.

**Any cancellations must be made no later than 2 weeks prior to class.


Visit us on YouTube here.

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Course Information

Our training classes provide you the opportunity to learn how to safely react to threats with the necessary force. The tiered learning schedule will provide you with the training you […]

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